Statistics Every Birmingham Photographer Should Know

Not all photographers succeed. A big lot of them may be talented, but talent does not guarantee anything. There are some statistics that a Birmingham photographer should know in order to succeed.

60% of photographers lose their business.

This may sound counterproductive, knowing that a large number of photographers lose business after either a rough or a smooth start. However, it is actually a good thing to be aware of potential results. When you know what to expect, you can strive to do better than those who have failed. 2015 is dubbed as year of the drone.

If you want to be a fully-pledged Birmingham photographer, you might want to use a drone. A drone allows you flexibility in terms of movement and range. There are some amazing pictures that you will miss if you stick to your regular camera and tripod combo.

In 2010, 65% are self-employed.

You might consider taking a big risk by serving as a self-employed or freelance photographer. If you do this, you will need references and a good portfolio to earn some clients. Salaries vary.

Not everyone will earn 58,000 dollars a year. In fact, a mere 10% of photographers have the potential to earn as high as this. Other photographers have to make do with an average of $43,000 dollars a year. Startups even had to budget earnings less than $20,000 per year. So, you really need to get yourself out there, promote your portfolio, and charge a fair amount. Do not overcharge clients as to not put them off, but also don’t allow people to pay you a meager amount.